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Immaculate Heart of Mary

January 21, 2014 / Comments Off on Immaculate Heart of Mary / Posted in: community

From the Immaculate Heart of Mary Web Site:

“In 1950 the first Catholic school in Wayne was opened at Holy Cross parish under the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph. They lived in a house in the Packanack Lake section of Wayne.

In 1954, Bishop James McNulty asked Msgr. Scully to expand church facilities in the Wayne community. Land was purchased in Packanack Lake to form the mission of Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Packanack Lake School Auditorium was rented for Sunday Masses. The first mass was celebrated there in September, 1956.

After three years of careful planning, ground was blessed for the new building complex of Immaculate Heart of Mary. The completed buildings were blessed by Bishop McNulty on November 29, 1959. The new parish school was in full operation in September of 1959.

Immaculate Heart of Mary was formally established as a parish by Bishop McNulty in 1960.”

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