Mother's Club

Since 1986, the Packanack Lake Mothers Club has been striving to provide a supportive, nurturing community for families to share meaningful experiences, fun and fellowship that strengthen family bonds. Whether you are a mom that stays home or works full time, the club is a great way to develop parent and child relationships.

Celebrating 30 years of bringing Packanack families together!

About the Mother's Club

Through the work of our member volunteers, our club provides the following:
•Quarterly meetings packed with informative guest speakers, community updates and interactive sessions
•Oversight & improvements for Carney Park, (including last year’s expansion to the Playground)
•Coordinated playgroups with similarly-aged children
•Tentpole holiday events, including The Bunny Breakfast and Egg Hunt, Halloween Parade and Party and Santa’s Helicopter Landing and Breakfast
•Annual New Member Meet N’ Greet Wine & Cheese Tasting
•Beach & Peninsula parties
•Monthly outings & activities for children, designed for a variety of age ranges
•Adult events including salsa dancing, pottery painting, New Member Wine & Cheese tasting
•Service projects to support other families in our community
•Access to local resources, reviews and recommendations available through our private online Yahoo forum and social media channels
•Today the Mothers Club is an integral part of the Packanack Community. We strive to preserve the neighborly traditions that make Packanack Lake a great place to raise a family. Join us and meet new friends to last a lifetime!
**Members must be a current resident of Packanack Lake and in good standing with the PLCA.
Annual Dues: Regular: $40 Alumni: $20 (youngest child is nine or older)

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